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The choice will not be weighed by favoritism (sorry, close friends!) but by my conscience and thoughtful consideration. Don't beg me for one - that's a surefire way NOT to be gifted. :/

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Well, I'm getting whirlwinded into being kind of out of town for the next couple of days. I have the next "13 Days" entry already finished, but I can't schedule it to auto-post while I'm gone. ><; 
Because DA is an arse and charges an exorbitant amount of money to be able to do that. So hang tight, my lovelies. I may get a couple of days behind, but I'll get caught up as quickly as possible.
I'll also be finding out ASAP what my schedule is gonna be for the rest of the month, so I'll keep you posted on when I end up doing the orignally-Oct-31st Livestream.

Life... what a crazy thing it is, life...

~ The PFH Project

--- Previous News ---

So! I'm gonna be working some seasonal stuff really soon, guys! I'm super excited about that, but there's one thing worrying me. There is a chance that I could be set to work on Halloween night, and closing shift ends at 9...which could mean no livestream! I'm seriously considering doing it much earlier in the month (maybe this upcoming Wednesday night or something...all depends on work schedule and could change the day of...) to avoid a timing conflict. Let me know your thoughts. 

~ The PFH Project


Hey, happy almost-October, my lovelies! Halloween's going to be here before you know iiiit~

But today, I'm not here to plug myself. On the contrary, I have some heavy topic stuff I need to level with you.

A good friend of mine (one of my besties, in fact!) is starting a fundraiser to help out her family - they have reached out to help her in the past and she wants to do the same for them.
I know her well and know she intends to use this money solely to help others who need it. Please prayerfully consider donating something, even if it isn’t a whole lot. ;u; Thank you!

Directly from the following gofundme page:

"My Sister has gone out of her way to help so many people in our family, myself included. She has sacrified her future and now she's sacrificed a job to take care of my grandmother full time.
My Grandmother's health has been declining but now even her mind has started going. Grandma can't walk without a walker and her risk of falling had made it impossible for Sarah to go out and get work.
I'm here to ask you to help my sister keep the house afloat between bills, food, and Grandma's medication. She has also had to take on an extra car payment in the form of my grandmother's car. Currently their income is 1300 in one month to go toward everything.
I hope that you'll be willing to donate to help her out. 100% of everything donated will go to help my sister. I will not be pocketing any of it."
Please drop by and help her support her family. I'm currently saving up what little I have to send her way, too. (Being a starving artist blows,

Thank you lovely people again, you're a wonderful bunch, even if I'm not always online to lavish you with appreciation. u__u; But I do appreciate every single one of you, spoken or unspoken! <3
  • Mood: Anxious

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I remember when you were on alot in 2012, I miss your work haha its SO good
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Look ButlerVicki what i found for you, some nightmare fuel for you eue
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Oh crap...
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I've seen it all..
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I'm a huge fan of your work, it feels like a creepypasta.- 
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